Did GOD tell you to pick a fight with me?!???!!

Facebook on Friday. Names have been modified, even tho everyone deserves to know who this lunatic is.

After getting fed up with an individual that was constantly posting Christian content on the Facebook Group i moderate for my job(it's an artist lofts space), i went to her FB profile and noticed she was doing the same thing to Other NON-christian facebook groups. *shakes head*

ME May 14 at 3:02pm
I am happy you are interested in visiting our space here at Lacuna. However, I notice you are posting on our Group Page the exact same thing as on other people's pages. The last one I deleted as it wasn't lacuna related. Some websites would usually consider this spamming.
One of my jobs here at Lacuna is to social network. I am constantly walking the line of Advertising/Promoting and Spamming, but I do not cross it. Please make sure that the content you post on the Lacuna Groups is relative, otherwise I am going to remove your privileges on this group. This is inappropriate and as the moderator of this Group, I ask you do not do this again.
Go outside today! It's a beautiful day!

ChristianBot May 14 at 3:14pm
Are you saying posting scriptures from the bible about Jesus Christ, Salvation, Eternal life, Redemption, Forgiveness, Repenting Sins, The Good News of Christ, The Word of God, is inappropriate to post and in your opinion considered Spamming? I don't understand, please explain. Are you rejecting God and the Word of God and if so are you an Atheist?

atheism |ˈāθēˌizəm|
the theory or belief that God does not exist.
atheist noun
atheistic |ˌāθēˈistik| adjective
atheistical |-ˈistikəl| adjective
ORIGIN late 16th cent.: from French athéisme, from Greek atheos, from a- ‘without’ + theos ‘god.’
ME May 14 at 3:47pm
Dear ChristianBot,

When UNRELATED content is posted on a Facebook Group, YES it is considered Spamming. I feel that my personal beliefs are unrelated to the work that I do at Lacuna Artist Lofts & Studios. I can understand why you may find this offensive and no longer wish to be a member of Lacuna but we stand firm in not confusing Religion with Art.
Thank you for your support in the past. Have a great day.

-------UPDATED (after I banned her from the Group)---------

ChristianBot May 14 at 4:38pm Report
Dose t+his mean that your organization does not accept art work that has religious themes in them and the like? Are you discriminating against religious artist?

ME May 14 at 4:49pm
I'm going to ignore this message until I am no longer at work... and then you are going to get some words from me...
But until then, you have 10 minutes to decide whether or not you are finished with trying to pick a fight with me regarding your twisted belief system. Please leave me alone, this is your final warning. Reply again, and expect a response RIGHT BACK.
It's beautiful out, I am sad that you are not spending your day wisely.

ChristianBot May 15 at 2:37pm Report

Well my spirit is telling me that there is something extremely negative about this site or maybe its you so I won't participate in anything you post, nor make comments or contact you again. I pray you find your right place with the Lord before your day to meet Him arrives. None of us knows when He will call us home, but I feel you really, really need deliverance and a deeper relationship with him and more love in your heart and spirit. Goodbye forever. I will be praying that you have a major turn around and that you become a person who repents daily. Bye.

She blocked me about 2 minutes after she sent me that, which was EXACTLY what i was hoping for... I'm so happy she's decided to leave me alone. Most people like her often feel the need to have the last word. And she can have it!


Flash Mob Choir

Calling all vocalists!!!

Seeking four sopranos, four altos, four tenors and four basses that are looking to have some fun fucking with innocent bystanders. It's the spirit of 'Flash Mobbing' in beautiful song!
We want to go through the subways and streets of Chicago bursting out into song. We will be holding tryouts in mid May and plan to have weekly rehearsals this summer.
Please contact Dane via e-mail: noelle.angeline@gmail.com